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Call for a pre-arrangement consultation - 440.998.1234 Funeral pre-arrangement is a contract to provide goods and services for future use at today's cost. A prefunded funeral service today will surely rise in price over the years to come, a rise that can be attributed to inflation. However, with pre-funding, you are protected from rises in cost.

But even more important than the cost issue is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your personal preferences are honored and your family is spared the emotional stress of difficult decisions. Your clear pre-made guidelines establish your future service. In addition, family discussion in advance of need can bring families closer together.

Should you choose not to pre-fund at this time, you can still express choices providing direction now. We will keep your directions on record within our file and give you a free family record book. This helps the family to locate necessary information when needed.

With a Zaback-Ducro pre-arranged funeral, you choose everything from the casket and vault or urn, the clothing to be worn, music played, the place of burial or scattering of ashes, and other services that might be important to you.

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